Jump Desktop

Jump Desktop 8.3

Connect to any other computers, on the local network and Internet

Jump Desktop lets you connect to any other computers, not only on the local network but the Internet as well. The program has an easy-to-use interface. Although the initial settings may be somewhat difficult if you do not have much computer experience, using the tool becomes much easier from then on. Thus, you can always resort to a techie friend or the IT guy in your company for that first push.

The program supports both RDP and VNC protocols. This has the advantage of allowing to connect to any other computer with RDP and VNC configured without needing to install any extra clients on the target machines.

In addition, Jump Desktop works quite fast with almost no lags. Moreover, if you are worried about the security of the data being transferred, you should know that all the data traffic between the computers is done in encrypted form, using widely recognized connection protocols and algorithms.

There is a feature that I am sure many people will love. It is the possibility of actually sharing the screen among many users. This way, each user can control their own mouse cursor, which is not possible using other similar tools.

All in all, Jump Desktop feels ideal for people who need to access their computer desktops from a distance. Besides, it can come in handy for IT support staff or collaboration teams. The product is free to use on Windows. As an additional asset, the program is developed on the basis of open-code standards, which is a guarantee that it has no backdoors.

Pedro Castro
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  • Fast and encrypted connection
  • Developed on open standards
  • Support of RDP and VNC protocols


  • May be difficult to configure if you are a newbie
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